General Information

Skagway is located in southeast Alaska. In 1898 the Gold Rush Town of Skagway had a populace of 20,000. Today, the year round residents are about 800 and seasonal residents almost triple that figure. Including cruise ships, rubber tire traffic,
ferry passengers and airlines, the town is host to a million plus visitors during the season.

The work begins in April with opening the buildings, picking up freight, checking in merchandise and stocking shelves. We plant flowers, paint where needed and begin the celebration of another season. In May the ships come almost every day, most arriving
about 7:00 a.m. and departing at 8:00 p.m.

We encourage you to visit other Skagway websites – simply plug Skagway into your search engine and fasten your seat belt! The book RVing Alaska by Bill and Jan Moeller, 2001 Wandering Star Press will deliver additional facts and points of interest about Skagway. The Milepost is also an excellent source of information.


Application Forms and Documents:

Workampers in Skagway, Alaska

 Alaska, Summer 2008!

Wanted: Seasonal, mature, experienced employees. Sound work ethic. Team oriented. April thru Sept. Full-time, full hook-ups. $$, completion incentives. Positions: retail, administrative, more. Requires good health + ability to carry 30 lbs.up fight of Stairs. No doctors in Skagway; good medical clinic. Experience the magnificence of expansive beautiful state. Get caught up in adventuresome spirit of Klondike Gold Rush National Park. Send resume + photo of you and your rig.